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Frequently Asked Questions

One Stop Limo Quotes in New Jersey

How many quotes can I expect to receive?

The number of quotes are dependent on the vehicle you choose.  For example almost all limousine companies in NJ have a Stretched Lincoln while there are only few that might have a Stretched Charger Limousine.  The more common the vehicle the more quotes you can expect to receive.

How quickly will I receive my quotes?

When you are finished filling out the Limo Quote Form it is automatically sent to all the Limousine Companies.  You could start to receive quotes a few minutes after you hit send.

Do I have to pay Bid My Limo?

No, Bid My Limo Ride is a free service for the consumer. You pay no money at all.

I am a limo company how do I become an affiliate?

Please visit our Become a Partner page and fill out the required form.